Sentinel successfully created a culture of teamwork and long-term tenure. As the asset base has increased over the years, Sentinel has created additional senior level management positions, which have been filled from within where appropriate. Investment professionals within Sentinel are aware of this advancement potential and, as a result, Sentinel has experienced an extremely low level of professional turnover. Members of the senior management team average over 20 years with Sentinel. 

Sentinel utilizes a team approach to the management of its separate accounts and commingled funds. Each of Sentinel’s separate accounts is assigned to two or more Portfolio Managers who are responsible for the overall portfolio performance, as well as all client communication and reporting. The Portfolio Managers are charged with seeing that the investment objectives of the account are the primary consideration in the operation of the portfolio. While all Sentinel investment activities are subject to the Sentinel Investment Committee approval and allocation process, the Portfolio Managers responsible for the account, as the client’s direct representatives, hold final veto power over any proposed investment allocated to that account. In addition to the Portfolio Managers, Sentinel maintains a primary Client Representative for each client. Each account’s investment activities are supported by the broader Sentinel organization, which comprises 200 professionals.

In order to better serve its international clients, Sentinel has investor services offices in the Netherlands, Australia, and Germany.