Australian Build-to-Rent


Sentinel has embarked on a project to develop multifamily rental properties in Australia to introduce the concept of a “US-style” rental community to the Australian market. Sentinel’s first rental multifamily development is in Subiaco, a close in suburb of Perth, Australia. Built in four phases, on completion it will have approximately 360 units, including a variety of floor plans to appeal to singles and families. Apartments will include high quality finishes and the amenities and common areas will be trend setting in the Australian market.

Sentinel will provide management, leasing and maintenance services for the entire project. As is typical of US rental communities, the Sentinel project will include a full-time leasing and management staff on site and 24-hour maintenance service for all residents. Each phase will include a pool, a fitness facility and other amenities to help promote the sense of community that is an important component of US multifamily properties. The site is transit oriented and encourages development of a mixture of housing and commercial properties in a community designed to encourage use of public transportation. As part of an agreement with the Heritage Council of Western Australia, one phase will include a permanent display, open to the public, of items that are of significance to the cultural heritage of the site. For each phase, 1% of the construction budget will be dedicated to public art. To help achieve environmental sustainability goals, the project includes a waste water management system as well as other sustainable features. Technology and design features will help further these environmental goals.