Since 2005, Sentinel has pursued a specialized investment strategy we refer to as the Gotham Strategy, focused on acquiring under-managed or under-capitalized apartment properties in the New York City area and improving them to a modern standard appropriate for the City’s middle class renters.

During the ten-year period that Sentinel has pursued this strategy, middle class New Yorkers have faced an increasingly difficult market in which to find an appropriate place to live. Since 2010, New York City has gained over 375,000 net new residents, while at the same time, the escalating cost of land and construction has led developers to conclude that the only way to build profitably in New York City is to serve the upper end of the market. Combined, these factors have driven middle class New Yorkers out of central Manhattan and into more affordably-priced secondary markets in Brooklyn, Northern Manhattan and Queens. Sentinel acquires properties in these neighborhoods and offers high-quality, renovated apartments at fractions of the high prices of central Manhattan rentals.