Community Upgrades Underway at ABQ Uptown Apartments

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Artist rendering. Final finishes may vary.

Sentinel Real Estate Corporation is excited to showcase its plans for capital improvements at ABQ Uptown Apartments, which are estimated to be completed in February 2023. This is an exemplar of our commitment to enhancing assets and exploring opportunities to improve our residents’ experience through the modernization of fixtures with more energy-efficient options, as well as the social benefits to the community – through inviting and engaging shared amenities.

ABQ Uptown Apartments is currently in the process of reconfiguring, redecorating and modernizing virtually all public and amenity spaces at the clubhouse. The entrance lobby will be refurbished and enhanced to give an attractive first impression of the property. The leasing office will be enclosed behind glass walls. The Business Center will be reconfigured while updating the technology, finishes and lighting. The Fitness Center will be expanded in size and will incorporate all new lighting, ceiling fans, flooring and paint. The Resident Lounge will be reimagined to serve as a multifunctional gathering and interactive space for residents. The design reorients the space to have a greater connection with the adjacent outdoor courtyard, properly utilizing the existing fold away doors and encouraging an indoor/outdoor relationship. The Outdoor Lounge Courtyard will be utilized as the connection and main circulation path between all indoor amenities and the pool area, while still being an amenity itself.

"We are very excited to be modernizing our community amenities for the residents at ABQ Uptown Apartments. The renovation will create a terrific visual impression while continuing to respect and preserve the Southwestern US/Adobe architectural style incorporated in the initial design of the community. It will also provide greater functionality at the property and exciting new offerings for our current and future residents," said George Tietjen, Managing Director.

On-site property staff reports, "Residents are excited for the new improvements underway and we can't wait for the unveiling, to share the newly updated spaces with them."

When completed, the renovation will provide a strong visual identity for the property, opportunities for energy conservation and exciting new offerings for our current and future residents to enjoy.

Stay tuned for the results!

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