President Michael Streicker Interviewed on Australian Build to Rent

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Sentinel's President, Michael Streicker, was recently interviewed in Melbourne by Rob Langton, Managing Director at Ready Media Group.

In his interview, Michael spoke about Sentinel's origins, our Build to Rent platform in Australia, our first pioneering moves for the sector locally, and where it's heading today.

"We've been cheerleading the sector for years and it's fantastic to see it beginning to come to fruition…the supply and demand dynamics in Australia necessitate all sorts of new housing opportunities and it's very gratifying to see the Build to Rent sector is well placed within that conversation.

"This is housing that many people will be very excited to live in once they are introduced to it, once they learn about it and once they engage with it…and that's certainly been our experience in Subiaco where we've seen exceptional tenant retention, we're fully leased and we have waitlists. It's really a product that has been extremely exciting to see how well received it's been," said Mr. Streicker.

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